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Welcome dear viewer:

Healing with Shiatsu is a unique business, developed by me: Asi Shnabel CMT, a specialist and instructor of Shiatsu Acupressure and Anma traditional Japanese Massage therapy, which strives to promote Shiatsu and Anma healing arts as unique tools for health management, improvement and awareness.

Healing with Shiatsu is aimed at providing related education, practice and treatments for individuals who truly care for their bodies and seek to improve and utilize their own natural healing powers. It is aimed at encouraging them to integrate Shiatsu-Anma healing in their daily life in an affordable, practical and enjoyable way.

The Sessions:

For now I do house-calls in the Los Angeles area (CA), with no specific office location. Please contact me at 310-254-7274 for additional information. A fixed location and opening hours will be posted here as soon as established. Thank you for your patience.


Asi Shnabel CMT

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Los Angeles, CA

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